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In the beginning, there were midwives.

Where’s My Midwife?

In 2020, the Where’s My Midwife? CrowdMap launched to connect midwives trained in out-of-hospital birth with people who choose birth in private homes + freestanding birth centers.

In 2021, Where’s My Midwife? A Podcast came to life to tell the stories of midwives and the families who love the excellent care they provide across the United States.

Where’s My Midwife? is helping families find the midwives around them in their very own communities. Where’s My Midwife? is talking about the need for workforce development of midwives, especially supporting and teaching student midwives of color. Where’s My Midwife? is educating about the need for greater access to maternity care by credentialed, licensed midwives in private homes and freestanding birth centers. Where’s My Midwife? is sharing new voices and stories in the U.S. movement to make way for midwives.

Longtime activists for midwives and producers Kirsti Kreutzer + Steff Hedenkamp have teamed up to create a podcast about midwives, the families who love them, and in support of the movement to increase access to midwifery care in every community in every state and territory of the United States.

“We hope to inspire and engage audiences with interviews with activists who are fighting for access to midwives, and families who have experienced midwifery care firsthand. We show the experiences of midwives who work in all settings including locations with and without licensure, and others figures in public life who are bringing these issues to light.” ~Kirsti

“Kirsti and I are here to share stories and lived experience that may be helpful instruction for listeners and viewers. We’re here to connect, listen, and lift up. For those who wish to get involved locally to help leaders in their states, we are excited for your voices to educate the public and help increase access to midwifery care for more people across the U.S.!” ~Steff

International Midwives Day is May 5!

Where’s My Midwife?
That is the Question on International Day of the Midwife.

New Podcast Launches as Companion Crowdmap Links Midwives to Pregnant People


Kirsti + Steff would love to feature your voice and story to help increase access to safe, cost-effective, and increasingly popular maternity care that is provided by credentialed, licensed midwives in private homes and freestanding birth centers. Every story is welcome, and sharing is a great way to open the dialogue for reaching change for birth in our nation. Together, we are working to bring midwives out from underground economies in states and territories, fully integrate them into the Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (RMNCH) Continuum of Care, and have midwives covered in public and private insurance plans in every community. Please provide us with your information and our team will follow up!