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Storytelling is a key component to Where’s My Midwife? and the cornerstone to increasing access to excellent and evidence-based maternity care in out-of-hospital birth settings, in private homes and birth centers. Personal stories build empathy, compassion and help tell a broad story with a variety of voices. We feature new voices of midwives, parents and families, educators and researchers, health professionals, grassroots activists and community members each week on our social media channels. Click to follow!

If you wish to see the video version of our podcast, find the latest episodes on the Where’s My Midwife? YouTube channel (please subscribe!) and just below. Thanks to our host, Anchor by Spotify, we have a landing page for the audio versions of all of our podcast episodes HERE. All episodes are┬ádistributed to multiple listening apps, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Overcast, PocketCasts, and RadioPublic.


Kirsti + Steff would love to feature your voice and story to help increase access to safe, cost-effective, and increasingly popular maternity care that is provided by credentialed, licensed midwives in private homes and freestanding birth centers. Every story is welcome, and sharing is a great way to open the dialogue for reaching change for birth in our nation. Together, we are working to bring midwives out from underground economies in states and territories, and fully integrate them into the Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (RMNCH) Continuum of Care in every community. Please provide us with your information and our team will follow up!


    1. Hello,

      Our team trains and educates midwives in ObGyn and point of care ultrasound. We work with the ACNM, AWHONN and other organizations. We go to hopsital systems, birth centers, rural health clinics and private practice to provide custom training. We also offer monthly workshops at our California and North Carolina locations. We are passionate about equipping Midwives with ultrasound skills to broaden their scope of practice and provide better patient care. It would be fun to discuss an interview or podcast topics with you. We are currently working on a project with some leading Midwifery Programs on offering our curriculum to students while their attending academic programs. Let me know if you would be interested in a chat.

      • PushGirlFriday PushGirlFriday

        Julie, good evening. Thank you so much for reaching out through our website. Would be great to stay in touch as we move into the future and make improvements to our Where’s My Midwife? Crowdmap. Within the next year we will be adding additional layers of data to include auxiliary services and other professionals who serve the birth sector. You can take a peek of the Crowdmap here: Thank you again!

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